Pastoral Council

    Peace Prayer Walk
    Posted by. St. Maria Goretti Church on Friday, August 4, 2017 at 4:12 PM

    We thank everyone who participated in the Peace Prayer Walk that the parish hosted on August 2,2016. Your prayers and efforts are greatly appreciated.

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About the Pastoral Council

The Pastoral Council is as an assembly of elected Presidents from each parish organization. Members remain on the council as long as they are in the elected office of President. A Member of the Finance Council ia also on the Pastoral Council.

A President is nominated by the pastor and confirmed by the membership. Members gather for the common purpose of assisting the pastor in the needs of the parish.

Meetings are held every three months. Each President presents a list of organization activities to the council for a three month period. These activities are recorded in the parish appointment book in order that duplicate meetings and/or activities will be avoided.

Direction and vision for the good of the parish are provided by the pastoral council. The principle of subsidarity is always obsereved.

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